Stuff I Like Today

Documentary Now!  One of the zillion television shows I’ve wanted to watch. I finally got started last week, since we saw Fred Armisen’s show the other night (more on that later). Documentaries rule. Parodies rule. A series consisting of documentary parodies = genius. Great cast & expertly executed, regardless if it’s Bill Hader & Armisen taking the main roles, or if it’s the current star studded lineup. Favorites currently are “Sandy Passage”, “Gentle and Soft”, “Final Transmission”, and “Batshit Valley”. Have some champagne filled coconuts:

Grant, by Ron Chernow From the guy who brought you the book that inspired the musical Hamilton! Yep, our favorite Pulitzer winning author is back with another biography, and this time it’s Civil War general/Don Henley look alike Ulysses S. Grant!  I’m not very far into the book, but so far it is a gripping tale of a very smart, awkward, prone to drinking man who is a surprisingly good military leader. Who also is really really bummed that he can’t be with his beloved lady Julia, because he keeps getting sent to far off places. And working with many fellows who’ll end up his enemies. I’m really enjoying this biography, because most knowledge I have of Grant was during the Civil War and told to me in Shelby Foote’s voice. I know close to nothing about his later days as a President.

John Mulaney This man is a comedy treasure. He hosted SNL last night, he’s been doing shows with sometimes-troubled Pete Davidson, appears on the aforementioned Documentary Now!, loves his wife and his dog, Petunia, and is a pleasure to have in the pop culture universe. Feast your eyes upon Bodega Bathroom:

I’m still on that Lady Gaga stanning. Nope, I can’t get over the fact that Gaga won an Oscar last weekend, and THAT SHALLOW PERFORMANCE. I watch it to remind me that I am a human being with stupid feelings.

Also, feel free to do your dishes or laundry, or get in your car and have fun with this playlist I made:



Two Golden Oscar Moments

I take my fandom seriously, yo.  Sometimes I’ll watch a preview of a film and get immediate goose pimples.  The inner fangirl in me will call out in ecstasy, knowing THIS SHIT IS SPECIAL.  Three times this has happened big enough to keep certain fandoms alive, but only two of them were Oscar predicted by me.  The one that didn’t was Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Well, it won a costume design Oscar, and maybe something else, but the heart and soul (and HOTNESS) of that film was denied.  I’m talking about Gary Oldman, obviously.  I saw him in the trailer to that film and my heart jumped a few extra beats.  Behold..

That movie changed my life.  And my hormones.  I became obsessed with Gary.  I watched almost all of his previous movies, and have always given a movie of his a chance.  It was great to see him join mainstream franchises like Harry Potter and Batman, and to finally get that Oscar nod for Tinker Tailer Solider Spy – WAY OVERDUE.

Back to the actual Oscar nominated movies that gave me forever fandom.  First up, Kevin Spacey.  I first saw him in The Ref.  He played a kidnapped, constantly arguing husband, and yeah, the movie wasn’t that memorable (it was the first film I saw in a theater high as hell), but Kevin’s face was unforgettable.  I sensed brilliance.  Of course The Usual Suspects happened, and  he won an Oscar.  Fantastic.  I knew he was capable.  But my fervor didn’t hit fever pitch until American Beauty.  God, what a spectacular film.  Lester Burnham’s malaise, eye rolling, contempt, and longing for something better was made for the artist formerly known as Kevin Fowler.  I knew he would win an Oscar the minute I walked out of the theater.

Kevin’s been one of my favorites ever since.  I wrote him a fan letter, before American Beauty came out, and I was rewarded with an autographed photo.  It’s a treasure in this house.  And now he’s Frank Fucking Underwood.  If you haven’t watched both seasons of House of Cards on Netflix, I feel bad for you, son.


Next is Russell Ira Crowe.  I don’t even remember what film initially drew me to his brawny, vulnerable, Aussie hotness, but I’m guessing it was LA Confidential.  I went for the Spacey, and got a bonus Crowe.  The guy doesn’t give two shits about what he says/does, will throw phones at people (and look good doing it, I’m sure), and will do the rock star thing occasionally (I almost saw TOFOG live, people), but when you see him ACT, look the hell out.  He won the Oscar for Gladiator, yes, and he was GREAT in that one.  Don’t get me started on that movie.  I love it.  I actually made a “I ❤ Russell Crowe” tshirt and wore it with pride at that Oscar party.  The same year, I took a public speaking class in college, and for my informative speech, yes, I talked about Mr. Crowe.  My visual aid was a clip from the film he should have won an Oscar for, The Insider.  Again, behold:

He will always be one of my guys.  And one time he tweeted me.  After I gave him shit for promoting his album.

I really felt bad after that.  I didn’t want him to think I was just trolling him.  That love is real, yo.

So those are my glorious Oscar men.  With a bonus Oldman.  I could go into how watching the Oscars the year The Return of the King swept everything, but that’s another post.  This was all about the special actor dudes.

Oscar Post (First Of A Few This Weekend)



Source for the above cool info graphic


Fashion isn’t my favorite part of the Academy Awards, but it certainly is awesome.  Glitz.  Glamour.  Vintage Dior.  And stuff.  I never care about frocks and designers and Harry Winston jewels unless it’s awards season.  The only drawback nowadays is you have to sit through all the awful red carpet coverage to appreciate the gowns and tuxedos.  I mean, mani-cams?  Really?  Kelly Osborne telling me about the nominees’ fashion choices? Blech.  The pre-shows are not as fun as they used to be.  Alas, I’ll be guzzling Pinot Grigio & suffering through Giuliana Rancic’s “sweeties” and all that bullshit just to catch a glimpse of how gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence is before the ceremony.  I mean, look at her last year:

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

That’s my girl.