Meri’s World Podcast Episode 01 – Classic Rock And Cats

It’s the first episode of Meri’s World, the podcast about pop culture, geeky things, and cats – With a little help from my friends. I’m  joined by my pal and fellow Mouthy Broad Jen, my dad Steve, and Rozley, the coolest producer ever. We geek out over Fleetwood Mac & Pink Floyd and talk about the creatures that meow.


Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

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Meet Me At Meri’s Place

Last weekend it was all about The Boss.  It was kind of prophetic that I ended up seeing him in concert, because if you look at a couple of entries ago, I posted a video of him performing My Hometown.  Also, a couple of weeks ago, I attempted Dancing In The Dark at karaoke.  We had no plans to attend his concert, because we’re broke, but the boyfriend got free tickets thanks to his amazing company the day before the show.  These weren’t ordinary tickets, either.  They were in the company’s private box, complete with food and drink service.  HOOOOOOO BOY!  The box was right in the middle too, so we had a fantastic view.

But let me back up a bit.  The day before the show, once I found out we were going, I had to dive into Bruce Springsteen’s massive catalog on Spotify.  I needed a refresher course, because as much as I admire and respect the guy, I don’t listen to his albums all that much.  It felt good.  The man is incredible.  And that band?  Yeah.  By the end of the work day, I felt I was ready to experience the Bruce…..  well, EXPERIENCE.  The guy & The E Street Band don’t just come on stage and sing a few tunes and leave.  Nuh uh.  I knew what I was getting into.

Ok, so it’s the day of the show.  I also attended our area’s first comic book convention, Tidewater Comic Con.  Us ladies from the Mouthy Broadcast podcast shared a table with the Playing Doctor duo, so I went to hang out, see some fellow nerds, and get our podcast out to the masses.  The con was PACKED to the gills.  A very good thing of course, but it was weird for me, for some reason.  I haven’t done the con thing in a while, and I guess my lack of food and water, natural tendency to get claustrophobic, and distracted mind didn’t help me get super into it.  I couldn’t wait to leave.  That being said, it was awesome seeing some friends, chatting with the geeks, watching the great cosplay, and passing out cards.

Once I got home, my dumb ass quickly sucked down a smoothie and stuffed a sandwich in my mouth hole.  That may not have been a wise idea.  One or the other would have been wiser.  But oh no.  Meri needed immediate satisfaction.  Well, guess who became extremely pukey feeling in the car, on the way to meeting our fellow concert goers?  Yeah, this chick.  Fortunately for me, our rendezvous point was my parents’ house.  And we had some time to kill.  Mothers know best, so mine quickly plop plopped some fizz fizz into a cup of water (oh, Alka-Seltzer you rock) and I sipped.  Then, the best thing happened:  Boongie, my folks’ 15 year old Maine Coon cat, decided to take a dump.  The smell wafted to my nose, and that was it.  TAKE ME DOWN TO THE OL BARF CITY WHERE THE SMOOTHIE PUKES OUT AND THE SMELLS ARE STINKY.  Glorious relief.  I was starting to worry, I mean, who wants to see The Boss in a state of nausea?  Gross!  So that was taken care of, and we were ready to rock.

It was a beautiful night.  The weather was perfect; cool and breezy.  We hung out with two other couples, one we’ve known for ages, and two of their friends.  The husband ended up being my world history teacher from 9th grade, which was hilarious.  We drink tons of wine, ate chips & hummus, and were completely blown away by the energy and awesomeness that was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Hey look – there’s Conan O’Brien’s former band leader on the drums!  And check out the Rage Against The Machine dude playing guitar!  Good times.  Bruce is 64, but you wouldn’t know it.  He was running, jumping, crowd surfing, dancing, and being badass like any young rock star.  It was magical.  Bonus cute factor of this little girl getting picked to sing Waitin’ On A Sunny Day……

So that’s a pretty interesting day.  Hang out the with comic book folk, vomit, then rock out with a legend.



Your Options

My Funny Hometown

I have two things to say, and they’re related, so pay attention.


Thing one:  I am a fan of comedy.  Always have been.  SNL.  Monty Python.  Ricky Gervais.  Tina Fey.  Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Blah blah blah.  These are a few of my favorite things.  How do these human beings make such funny stuff?  I want to know.  Maybe I could do it too, some way, some how.  But could I be funny in a place that isn’t Hollywood or NYC or Chicago?  Being the ignorant slut that I am (IT’S AN SNL REFERENCE GARSH), I had no idea, until recently.  The answer is most definitely YES.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try an improv class at a place called The Muse.  Who the hell would be teaching this stuff?  Well, a great group called The Pushers.  I was amazed at their talent, kindness, and patience.  Faith in local humanity was restored.  I had a blast learning from them.  I can’t wait to learn more.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  Which brings me to……

Thing two:  I like where I live.  Hampton Roads, VA is a diverse, expansive group of cities.  There’s lots of history, geography, military presence (I mean that in the employment/people sort of way, not the armies waiting to shoot shit sort of way), and things to do.  You know what, though?  It could be even better for the funny, creative, and artistic  geniuses that inhabit this locale.  Norfolk is in the process of creating its own Arts District.  How cool is that?  And how amazing would it be to have our own comedy theater?  Take classes, see shows, and be a part of a comedy community?  I love it.  I’m broke as a joke, but I made a point to contribute to The Pushers’ Kickstarter – Help The Push Comedy Theater!  I am asking you to do the same.  If you also live in the 757, that’s great.  Give them some buckaroos and be a part of the awesome insanity.  Don’t live here?  Well, contribute anyway.  Perhaps your donation will inspire you to be a part of your own local comedy scene.  See who’s performing at your local comedy club when a headlining act isn’t in town.  Look into taking a class – improv, sketch writing, acting, whatever.  You’ll meet some great people.  Like all of these folks who are making a difference in my home town….

And since I just uttered the words “home town”, I’m now forcing you to listen to this….